Flows and Wireframes:
Landing pages and concierge MVPs.
Mobile App (iOS):
I love whiteboards.
Interaction Exploration (Sketches):
Photo Albums (Lo-fidelity Study):
Albums with privacy control and favoriting. Filtering and collaboration settings also featured. Collaborator profile portraits are featured in the corner of each album stack.
Within an album, photos can be added and collaborators managed. Each photo can be added to other albums, used as the cover image, favorited, or removed. Badges indicate the the types of available meta data for each photo. The contributor of each photo is featured in the corner.
All Photos (Book/Desk Concept) v1:
Albums became books of rememberance, complete with photos, large stories, family pedigrees, and other such memories. Featuring the upload interaction.
Drag 'n Drop or Click to Add photos
Progress indicator. Photo thumbnails fade in opacity mapped to percentage complete.
While photos are screened for offensive material, patrons get an "archiving" message as part of the brand differentiator: "Preserve your memories forever deep within a mountain vault"
Photo Details (Book/Desk Concept) v1:
Photo tagger and manipulation, album thumbnail pagination, list of tagged people, genealogically significant meta like date and location, stories around the circumstances of the photo, patron comments and emoticons, free live help, and social sharing.
Face Tags
Tagged people list with editing tools. Hovering on a name in the list will also highlight the face in the photo, plus other faces.

Clicking on a face detects facial features and draws a tag at an appropriate size. The tag can be edited further, but a dialong automatically appears asking for a name. Type-ahead pulls from a database created from names in the patron's family tree or existing tags. A patron can also create a new tag and later connect it to the family tree.
Done. The new tag now shows up in the list of people in the photo.
Photo Meta in Family Historical Context
Stories about a photo can be written by anyone invited to
collaborate in your family lines. Names from Family Tree database
are recognized as typed so that even words can be tagged.
Geographic data can be pulled from photo EXIF data and
presented as a "good default". However, patrons may take a
photo of a photo from a different place and time.
So, this meta can be removed or modified.
Simple date parser. Type a date in the field and it's
automatically formatted to a standard.
All Photos of Tagged Person (Book/Desk Concept), v1:
View of all photos tagged for an ancestor in the Family Tree. Relationship is calculated with details and navigation to other people's photos. Introduced the "set this as the profile portrait" concept.
All Photos ("Flat" Concept), v2:
Side navigation to make use of wide screen formats. Introduced the badge notification of photos not yet identified.
Photo Details style to match v2.
All tagged people list, separating those connected to the Family Tree.
Below is a report of a class given as a free public service.
The report indicates the effect this product has.

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